1. Standard Local Inspections (New Orleans and Baton Rouge area)
    • For projects under 1000 square feet, include a written report with photographs, and up to one hour on project. (Travel time and lab testing not included.): $675
    • For projects over 60 miles from the office: Please Call
    • For each additional hour on site: $250
    • Projects over 1000 square feet: Daily Rates Apply
    • Each additional tile assembly in the same location: $250
    • Destructive testing per assembly: $150

    Note: To properly evaluate existing work, it may be necessary to remove parts of the work. InspecTile cannot replace or be liable for sections of removed work.

  2. Out of Town Inspections, inside of the United States - (Portal to portal plus all incurred expenses.): $2000

  3. Email/Fax/Mail
    • Send photographs and a description of the job problem including type of substrate (example: wood backer board or concrete) and photographs of the back of the tile. InspecTile will offer a written opinion as to the problem and recommendations for repair, if possible.: $300

    Note: If the information received is not enough to form an opinion, your information and money will be refunded to you.

  4. Deposition/Arbitration/Testifying/Waiting Time: $300/hr.
    • Slip and Fall Expert Witness: $400/hr.
    • Cancellation Notice required forty-eight (48) hours prior or fee will apply: $300

  5. Specification Writing: By Case
    • Pre-Job Meetings: By Case
    • Installation Monitoring: Daily Rates Apply
    • Final Site Inspections: By Case

  6. Rates per person
    • Portal to portal plus expenses: $2000/day
    • Large Projects Monitoring and Quality Control: $2000/day
    • Consultation/Research: $300/hr.

  7. Travel
    • Portal to portal: $250/hr.

    Note: Travel starts from the Inspector's location


InspecTile will make every effort to make a complete and thorough inspection. Conclusions are the best possible explanations that can be provided based upon all available evidence., Certain crucial parts of the workmanship and materials may not be able to be observed. Our inspections are (after the fact). Destructive testing may be needed to determine if there were any deviations from industry standards. InspecTile does not form an opinion as to whom or what may have caused any deviation from industry standards. Our conclusions are not necessarily the only depiction of prior events and materials inspected on this project.


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